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Report's from Rod Somerfield

Watchet played Taunton Vivary on Saturday in a National Competition, The two away rinks for Watchet won quite easily by 24 shots while the two home rinks lost overall by 1 shot which meant Watchet overall win by 23 shots. They now face Victoria indoors from Street in the next round

  • Away Rinks

  • C Rendell, Phil Bowden, A Rendell, J Groves, Won 23 to 10

  • T Jackson, H Edwards, D Hynard, S Hooper, Won 25 to 14

  • Home Rinks

  • C Bowden, Peter Bowden, R Groves, A Bryant, Tied 21 to 21

  • S Waterman, R Somerfield, A Knight, I Trunks, Lost 15 to 16

  • Watchet 84 Taunton (Vivary) 61

This fixture against The Forest of Dean BC turned out to be the last club fixture of Watchet,s Outdoor Season, The final planned match was canceled in respect of Queen Elizabeth 2nd passing away, It was the first time this season Watchet had managed to put a whole 6 rink team friendly out none the less it was a keenly played game with the rinks shared, The Forest Of Dean with the better score aggregate were the winners by 18 shots. Watchets indoor which has been open all through the summer starts in earnest on September 26th with the C.R.S Evening League,

  • K Knight, Jacki Eling, D Bowden, and P Perkins, lost 9 to 20

  • C Bowden, S Bowden, C Woodford, and E Owen lost 11 to 21

  • C Bendle, P Preston, J Groves, and R Rendell, lost 11 to 20

  • T Standing, J Hutchings, T Jackson, and K Warner, won 17 to 12

  • M Binding, A Wickens, J Smith, and R Somerfield, won 18 to 15.

  • E Preston, T Daley, T Harrod, and A Knight, won 15 to 11

  • Watchet 81, Forest Of Dean 99

Due to a mixup in fixtures Bridgwater BC brought five rinks to Watchet last Friday whereas the home side was expecting Triples, Being a friendly the game was played four against three on all rinks, Bridgwater winning by 16 shots.

  • M Downer, B Woodward, C Starmer, drew 16 to 16,

  • J Eling, T Harrod, G Woodward, won 19 to 12

  • T Daley, P Starmer, R McKay, lost 15 to 17

  • D Bramell, K Knight, R Rendell, lost 14 to 17

  • J Hutchings, T Standing, C Woodford, lost 8 to 26

  • Watchet 72 Bridgwater 88,


On Saturday Watchet A played their last Premier League game against Willmett Park from Bristol, as in their last game had to draft in several B team players because unavailability and they had to cancel their B team game, Willmett Park who are at the wrong end of the Premier League as are Watchet came with a very weak side as the result will show.

  • D Bowden, R Anthony, P Bowden, A Knight, won 30 to 9

  • H Edwards, D Hynard, A Bryant, J Groves, won 19 to 15.

  • E Owen, R Groves, R Hooper, I Trunks, won 21 to 17

  • Watchet A 70 (12 points) Willmett Park 41 (0 points

Last Monday Watchet B went to Taunton Deane to play a rearranged South & South West Division 1 League match, It was rearranged from earlier in the season by Taunton because of Covid. The home side were in excellent form when they won on all three rinks.

  • D Bowden, P Keith, H Edwards, A Knight, lost 13 to 22.

  • R Anthony, S Gunner, P Bowden, R Somerfield, lost 15 to 23.

  • A Johnson, J Trunks, J Scoins. M Webber lost 19 to 28.

  • Watchet B 47 (0 points) Taunton Deane 73 (12 points)


Tuesday Watchet played Eastover Park in a 4 triple friendly, when they won on all rinks and by 29 shots

  • J Hutchings, C Rendell, R Rendell, won 21 to 12

  • R McKay, T Harrod, C Woodford, won 19 to 16

  • T Daly, P Starmer, K Warner, won 18 to 5

  • D Bramell, T Standing, C Starmer won 15 to 11

Last Saturday a week ago Watchet B had Bridgwater B as their opposition in the county league South & South West Division 1, It was a very close game with the rink points shared 3 apiece but the aggregate score went to Watchet, The feature of the match was the Hot Shot score of the maximum end score of 8 picked up by the rink skipped by M Webber

  • D Bowden, H Edwards, R Somerfield, M Webber, won 34 to 16.

  • T Harrod, D Davies, E Owen, A Knight, lost 16 to 19

  • A McKay S Gunner, P Bowden, R Scott, won 31 to 7

  • Watchet B 81 ( 10 points) Bridgwater B 42 ( 2 points )


Watchet were overwhelmed in the 2 round of the Wedmore Plate by Ashcombe Park last Tuesday at home Only managing to win one of the four rinks losing overall by 41 shots

  • E Owen, M Webber, A Knight, A Rendell, lost 14 to 25

  • C Rendell, P Bowden, D Hynard, I Trunks, lost 9 to 40

  • S Waterman, R Groves, R Scott A Bryant won 29 to 15

  • Phil Bowden, R Somerfield, R Rendell, J Groves, lost 16 to 29

  • Watchet 68 Ashcombe Park, 109 .


It was Watchet;s turn to go To Bridgwater last Thursday in the West Somerset League to take on their B side, Watchet gaining maximum points

  • C Rendell, D Bowden, I Trunks, won 22 to 8

  • T Harrod, E Owen, P Bowden, won 25 to 18

  • R Anthony, R Somerfield, D Hynard, won 20 t0 13.

  • Watchet 67 (12 points) Bridgwater B 49 (0 points)


Watchet took 4 mixed triples to Tiverton (West End) last Friday, On a green that seemed very lush in places considering the dry weather but a few tricky runs which seem to baffle Watchet, who lost on all 4 triples

  • J Turner, D Bowden, K Warner lost 7 to 22

  • S Bowden, J Hutchings, R Somerfield lost 10 to 21.

  • T Standing, C Woodford, N Webber, lost 10 to 15

  • D Bramall, J Eling, M Webber, lost 15 to 19


Watchet A were at home to Portishead R B L. A on Saturday and again the rink scores were shared at 3 apiece but the Visitors had the better aggregate and took 9 of the 12 points on offer

  • R Hooper, D Hynard, R Rendell, S Hooper, won 20 to 18

  • C Rendell, E Owen, I Trunks, J Groves, Drew 21 to 21

  • S Waterman, R Groves, A Rendell, A Bryant. lost 9 to 30

  • Watchet A 50 (3 points) Portishead RBL, A 69 ( 9 points )


After their good win in the league last week Watchet B decided to break up a winning team for new players, But non the less they still managed a win at home against Wyrell Park who turned up a player short

  • T Jackson, P Keith, H Edwards, M Webber, won 29 to 8

  • J Scoins, C Bowden, D Davies, A Knight, lost 13 to 21

  • A Mckay, S Gunner, P Bowden, R Scott, won 27 to 12

  • Watchet B 69 (10 points) Wyrell Park 41 (2 Points) Rod Somerfield

Watchet ladies are doing well in the South West Ladies League, at the moment they are top and after last Thursday's effort they intend to stay there, They won against Taunton Deane by 8 shots.

  • J Groves, J Hutchings, J Hooper, N Webber, won 35 to 15

  • K Knight, M Binding, K Warner, P Perkins Lost 14 to 26.

  • Watchet Ladies 49 Taunton Deane Ladies 41,


Watchet was against Bridgwater A on Thursday Evening in West Somerset League when they continued their recent good form in this League.

  • A McKay, E Owen, D Hynard, lost 10 to 18

  • T Jackson, D Bowden, I Trunks, won 23 to 11

  • T Harrod, H Edwards, R Scott, won 20 to 14

  • Watchet 53 (10 points) Bridgwater A 43 (2 points)


Tiverton West End were the visitors to Watchet on Friday for a 5 triple friendly and they recorded a fine win by 17 shots

  • P Payne, K Knight, Peter Bowden, lost 17 to19,

  • P Hawkes, M Binding, P Perkins, lost 13 to 19,

  • Sharon Bowden, R McKay, and T Jackson lost 11 to 20,

  • L Payne, C Hall, T Harrod, lost 8 to 16.

  • C Bendle, Derek Bowden, C Woodford, won 18 to 10,

  • Watchet 67 Tiverton West End 84.


In Premier League Div 1 Watchet (A) were home to Ilminster (B ) although the visitors won on two of the three rinks Watchet picked up the most points by winning the overall aggregate,

  • C Rendell, Peter Bowden, S Hooper, J Groves, won 31 to 16,

  • A Bryant, R Groves, D Hynard, A Rendell, lost 18 to 20

  • S Waterman, R Rendell, R Hooper, I Trunks, lost 15 to 17

  • Watchet (A) 64 (8 points) Ilminster (B) 53 (4 points)


Watchet (B) was given a lesson in constant bowling by a settled side, on Saturday by near neighbors Williton, who won on the three rinks and overall by 35 shots, Scores Watchet Names first.

  • A McKay, S Gunner, R Beresford, R Scott, lost 19 to 21 to A Cane, R McNally, R Waterman, R Mitchell,

  • T Jackson, J Trunks, H Edwards, M Webber lost 13 to 31 to A Blackmore, S Martin, D Donald, C Harrod,

  • P Preston, P Starmer, E Owen, R Somerfield, lost 10 to 25 to A Fish, C Penner, M Grogan, P Ash,

  • Watchet (B) 42 (0 points) Williton 77 (12 points)

Watchet Ladies moved into the Quarter- Finals with this win over Clarence Park last Saturday in The Southy Cup, The disciplines were shared but Watchet had a better aggregate score by 2 shots thanks to an excellent win by the triples by 15 shots Watchet scores as follows

  • Singles Kay Knight won 21 to 20.

  • Pairs Rosemary McKay, and Kathy Warner, lost 15 to 28,

  • Triples Marilyn Binding, Jean Smith, and Norma Webber won 21 to 6,

  • Fours Janet Groves, Jackie Hutchings, Cherry Woodford, and Josie Hooper lost 19 to 20,

  • Watchet Ladies (2) 76, Clarence Park Ladies (2) 74


Thursday Evening Watchet visited Minehead for their fixture in the West Somerset League Division 1, the visitors winning on two of the three rinks Watchet Names First

  • T Harrod, A McKay, and D Hynard won 25 to 11 against R Ball, C Adams, and V Welch.

  • P Payne, R Somerfield, I Trunks, lost 15 to 17 against J Dodd, K Hirons, K Powls,

  • T Jackson, H Edwards, R Scott won 17 to 11 against C Hirons, J Brooks, J Male.

  • Watchet (10 points) 57 Minehead (A) (2) 39


Friday Porlock came to Watchet for the E.T.L.fixture where they found Watchet in good form, The home side winning on five of the six Triples.

Apologies for only Watchet names, Porlock only uses Christen names on score cards.

  • M Binding, C Bowden, N Webber, won 25 to 10

  • S Collett, J Smith, R Scott lost 17 to 22

  • C Hall, E Owen, K Warner, won 22 to 17

  • J Groves, P Starmer, M Webber, won 34 to 12

  • C Bendle, C Starmer, A Knight, won 20 to 16

  • T Jackson, K Knight, and J Hooper won 24 to 12

  • Watchet 142 (14 points) Porlock 89 (2 points)



Watchet (B) went to Crewkerne on Saturday in South & South West division 1 County League, After 12 ends the overall score was Crewkerne 35 Watchet 20, by the 21st end Watchet had pulled it back to win no all 3 rinks and overall by 18 shots

  • T Harrod, C Bowden, E Owen, A Knight, won 24 to 17,

  • P Preston, D Bowden, S Gunner, R Somerfield won 24 to 18

  • A McKay, R Anthony, R Beresford, R Scott, won 22 to 17

  • Watchet (B) 70 (12 points) Crewkerne 52 (0 points)


On Sunday Watchet Ladies' run in the Southy Cup came to an end in the Quarter-final at Watchet against an in-form Weston St Andrews Ladies as in the last round the disciplines were tied, The St Andrews Ladies Scored more freely Results

  • Singles K Knight lost 8 to 22,

  • Pairs C Bendle, and K Warner won 22 to 17,

  • Triples M Binding, J Smith, N Webber, won 22 to 15,

  • Fours R McKay, J Hutchings, J Groves, P Perkins lost 8 to 33

  • Watchet Ladies (2) 60 Weston St Andrews Ladies (2) 87

In the SWL LEAGUE, last Tuesday Watchet Ladies was against Wyrell Park Ladies, In a very tight match Watchet were the winners by 2 shots

  • C Bendle, C Woodford, J Smith, N Webber, lost 16 to 20

  • M Binding, J Hutchings, J Hooper, K Warner. won 19 to 13.

  • Watchet 35 Wyrell Park 33


The heavy rain did not deter Watchet from their first win in The West Somerset League against Taunton Deane B last Thursday

  • P Payne, R Somerfield, I Trunks won 19 to 10

  • T Harrod, E Owen, D Hynard, won 17 to 10

  • T Jackson, G Woodward, H Edwards, lost 12 to 23

  • Watchet 48 (10 points) Taunton Deane B 43 (2 points)


Friday evening Watchet went to Minehead for the E T League match, although the rinks were shared three apiece

  • Watchet won overall by 18 shots.

  • Watchet 113 (10 points) Minehead 95 (6 points)


Watchet A went to Street on Saturday with a much-changed side due to members unable to travel away, the result reflected that Watchet Lost on all rinks.

  • H Edwards, R Groves, D Hynard, R Hooper, lost 7 to 24

  • E Owen, R Somerfield, M Webber, I Trunks, lost 15 to 24

  • C Rendell, C Bowden, R Rendell, J Groves lost 12 to 23

  • Watchet (A) 34 (0 points) Street (A) 71 (12 points )


Watchet (B) strengthened by those unable to travel won quite convincingly at home to Ilminster C

  • A McKay, P Hawkes, R Beresford, R Scott, won 27 to 16

  • T Harrod, P Bowden, S Waterman, A Knight won 22 to 16

  • P Preston, S Gunner, J Trunks, Peter Bowden won 28 to 26

  • Watchet B 77 (12 points) Ilminster C 58 (0 points) Rod Somerfield

After a hectic week last week, Watchet BC had only two games to report on this week. First was the Ladies against Westlands Ladies in the South West Ladies League which Watchet Ladies won by 5 shots result as follows

  • M Binding, J Hutchings, K Knight, K Warner won 25 to 16

  • Janet Groves, R McKay, C Woodford, Josie Hooper, lost 19 to 23

  • Watchet Ladies 44 Westland Ladies 39.


The second game was Watchet Men went to the Isle of Wedmore on Sunday for the second round of the National Top Club, Score wise Watchet won quite easily by 23 shots but this competition result depends on the disciplines won and Wedmore had the edge there winning 3 to 2. results

  • Singles 2 wood A Bryant won 30 to 6,

  • Four Wood Singles D Hynard, lost 20 to 21,

  • Pairs R Hooper, I Trunks,lost 15 to 16.

  • Triples E Owen, R Groves, S Hooper, won 17 to 14,

  • Fours C Rendell, A Rendell, Pete Bowden, M Webber, lost 16 to 18

Watchet Ladies went to North Petherton to play a friendly against their Ladies, When they found the home side in excellent form, The home side winning on two of the three and overall by 24 shots Watchets scores as follows

  • V Bowden, R Chidgey, K Warner, lost 8 to 28

  • J Hutchings, E Preston, C Woodford, lost 10 to 20

  • D Bramell, R McKay, Janet Groves won 17 to 11

  • Watchet Ladies 35 North Petherton Ladies 59


In the National Tony Alcock O60s, Mixed Double Rink Watchets (A) side was at home to Yeovil, when they recorded a very good win, Watchets scores

  • M Binding, K Knight, A Knight, R Scott, won 21 to 11

  • N Webber, J Smith, E Owen, M Webber won 19 to 14

  • Watchet O60s 40 Yeovil O60s 25


In the same competition, Watchets's (B) side was against Ilminster. Going into the last end scores were 38 to Ilminster and 34 to Watchet In last, one rink for Watchet picked up a 4 to bring the scores level but unfortunately, the other rink dropped a 3, Watchet losing by 3 shots

  • R McKay, R Somerfield, Josie Hooper, and R Rendell, lost 14 to 24

  • A McKay, C Woodford, P Perkins, D Hynard won 24 to 17

  • Watchet O60s (B) 38 Ilminster O60s 41


On Thursday Watchet again struggled in West Somerset League when they were away to Burnham on Sea (A) winning on one but losing heavily on the other two

  • T Harrod, Pete Bowden, and I Trunks won 17 to 14

  • P Payne, D Bowden, and H Edwards lost 5 to 29

  • T Jackson, A McKay, and R Somerfield lost 5 to 40

  • Watchet 27 (2 points) Burnham on Sea (A) 83 (10 points)


Watchet (A) were host to Taunton (A) on Saturday in the Premier Division of the County League, as last week Watchet found their opposition in much better form than they were, Watchet scores as follows.

  • D Davies, H Edwards, D Hynard, S Hooper, lost 12 to 23.

  • A Bryant, R Groves, A Rendell, I Trunks, won 23 to 20,

  • C Rendell, D Bowden, R Rendell, J Groves lost 12 to 19

  • Watchet (A) 47 (2 points) Taunton (A) 62 (10 points)


Watchet (B) were also at home South & South West Div 1,Old rivals Yeovil (B) were the visitors on Saturday, In a close game the home side won 2 of the 3 rinks and overall by 3 shots Watchet scores

  • Phil Bowden, P Preston, R Somerfield, M Webber lost 19 to 23

  • T Harrod, P Hawkes, R Beresford. Pete Bowden, won 22 to 21

  • A McKay, S Gunner, E Owen, A Knight, won 20 to 14

  • Watchet (B) 61 (10 points) Yeovil (B) 58 (2 points)


The City of Wells Bowls Club made an early start on Sunday to be at Watchet for a 10.00am start for The National Mens Double Rink, It may have been a to early start because they lost heavily on both rinks, Watchet Scores

  • C Rendell, R Groves, I Trunks J Groves, won 28 to 9

  • A Bryant, M Webber, D Hynard, S Hooper, won 25 to 9

  • Watchet 53 City of Wells 18


Sunday afternoon it was local derby time when Williton were the Visitors to Watchet for their Exmoor Trophy League Match, Watchet winning on 4 of the 6 triples and overall by 37 shots Watchets names first

  • Rink 1 V Bowden, D Bowden, Josie Hooper won against L Middleton, Di Scales, D Gwyer 25 to 5

  • Rink 2 K Knight, J Eling, I Trunks, won against S Every, C Duck, S Martin, 22 to 12

  • Rink 3 T Standing, R Somerfield, K Warner, won against L Dunkley, R McNally, D Donald 28 to 15

  • Rink 4 J Hutchings, J Hemmings, A Knight, lost to M Atkins, J Thorne, M Grogan, 11 to 27

  • Rink 5 M Binding, C Bowden, P Perkins won against D Mulball. N Wilkinson, C Penner, 22 to 11

  • Rink 6 Jacki Eling. Pete Bowden, N Webber, lost to C Williamson, A Blackmore, C Thorne, 18 to 19

  • Watchet 126(12 points) Williton 89 (4 points) Rod Somerfield

On the 18th of May Watchet was host to The City of Wells Bowls Club in the National Top Club Competition.

When the home side won all 5 disciplines and move into the next round. results are as follows,

  • Two Wood Singles J Groves won 17 to 8,

  • Four Wood Singles, D Hynard, won 21 to 14.

  • Pairs A Bryant, I Trunks, won 16 to 13.

  • Triples, D Davis, R Groves, and A Rendell, won 14 to 9.

  • Fours, C Rendell, P Bowden, A Knight, R Scott, won 23 to 5

The next day Watchet Ladies went to Taunton BC (Vivary) where they only managed to win on one rink,

  • J Eling, C Bendle, and A Wickens, lost 9 to 18.

  • D Bramell, K Knight, and J Smith lost 11 to 20.

  • E Preston, R McKay, and C Woodford won 15 to 8.

  • Watchet Ladies 35 Taunton Ladies 46

In the West Somerset League, Watchet was home to Wellington A,

they only managed to win on one of the three triples and lost overall by 12 shots.

  • Phil Bowden, R Somerfield, R Scott, won 24 to 18

  • A McKay, A Knight, D Hynard, lost 14 to 16.

  • E Owen, Pete Bowden, R Rendell, lost 11 to 27

  • Watchet 49 (2 points) Wellington A 61 (10 points)


Watchet A was up against it on Saturday when Ilminster A were the visitors,

They lost quite heavily on all three rinks. and by 52 shots

  • D Davies, R Scott, D Hynard, S Hooper, lost 12 to 27

  • A Bryant, R Groves, A Rendell, I Trunks, lost 10 to 27

  • C Rendell, R Rendell, R Hooper, J Groves, lost 5 to 25

  • Watchet A 27 (0 points) Ilminster A 79 (12 points)


Watchet B was away to Taunton B and the result was similar to the A-side except they did win on one rink

  • S Waterman, R Beresford, Pete Bowden, J Trunks lost 15 to 27

  • T Jackson, Colin Bowden, E Owen, A Knight, won 24 to 17

  • A McKay, Derek Bowden R Somerfield, H Edwards, lost 13 to 33

  • Watchet B 52 (2 points) Taunton B 77 (10 points)


Combe Martin came to Watchet on Sunday for a 5 triple friendly,

Watchet losing on 3 of the 5 triples and overall by 24 shots,

  • C Starmer, P Hawkes, C Woodford lost 10 to17

  • S Collett, D Bowden, J Hemmings, lost 8 to 32

  • T Jackson, C Bendle, and D Davies lost 13 to 15

  • A Johnson. P Starmer, J Groves, won 17 to 9

  • Sharon Bowden, H Davies, R Scott, won 19 to 17

  • Watchet 67, Combe Martin 90,