Watchet Bowling Club

Report's from Rod Somerfield


Last Thursday Wachet Ladies Went to Taunton (Vivary) BC to play their Ladies in three Triple match, In a very evenly matched game the result was a draw both sides scoring 50 shots each

D Bramell, K Knight, P Perkins won 20 to 18

J Eling, J Hemmings, C Hall, won 19 to 16

J Hutchings, S Bowden, N Webber, lost 11 to 16


The same evening Watchet men went to Wellington for the first West Somerset League game of the season, It was a game Watchet will wish to forget they were trashed on all three triples

T Harrod, D Bowden, R Somerfield, lost 14 to 24,

T Jackson, R Beresford, D Hynard, lost 8 to 24

P Payne, C Bowden, I Trunks lost 9 to 23

Watchet 31 (0 points) Wellington A 71 (12 points)


Saturday Watchet A were away to Portishead RBL, which was another close match the home side winning by 9 shots and taking the match points

C Rendell, R Rendell, I Trunks, S Hooper, lost 10 to 29

S Waterman, R Groves, R Hooper, J Groves won 22 to 17

E Owen, D Hynard, A Rendell, S Steel, won 22 to 17

Watchet (A) 54 ( 4 points) Portishead RBL (A ) 63 ( 8 points)


Watchet (B) had old rivals Taunton (B) as their oppositition in the County League on Saturday, This match went down to the last wood of the game, before it was delivered Watchet were still two shots down, which meant The Watchet skip R Scott had to drew and move the jack, which he did moving the Jack but only enough to pick up 3 shots and the match was won by 1 shot,

T Jackson, T Harrod, D Davis, R Scott, won 23 to 14

D Bowden, R Beresford, R Somerfield, M Webber, lost 15 to 20

T Daly, P Preston, P Keith, A Knight, lost 23 to 26,

Watchet(B) 61 (8 points) Taunton (B) 60 ( 4 points)


Sunday morning Watchet Ladies had North Petherton Ladies as their oppositition in the first round of the County Southey Cup, This competition is run to included four disiplines so shot count as well as disciplines are added to define the winner which Watchet won by 4 shots, the disciplines shared, SINGLES Kay Knight won 21 to 10, PAIRS C Bendle, C Starmer, won 16 to 15, TRIPLES J Hutchings, C Woodford, P Perkins, lost 15 to18, FOURS J Hemmings, S Bowden, R McKay, C Hall, lost 12 to 17, Watchet Ladies 64 North Peterton Ladies, 60


Another busy weekend for Watchet Bowls Club, Friday saw the ladies take on Crewkerne Ladies in the SWL League where they found the visitors in fine form, Watchet losing on both rinks, scores as follows

K Knight, R McKay, K Warner. N Webber. lost 14 to 21

C Bendle, E Preston, S Bowden, P Perkins, lost 10 to 29.

Watchet Ladies 24 Crewkerne Ladies 50


Saturday Watchet (A) had Bristol (A) as the visitors, In a close-fought game the visitors took the spoils winning on 2 of the 3 rinks, Scores

C Rendell, R Rendell, I Trunks, S Hooper, lost 17 to 25

E Owen, D Hynard, A Rendell, S Steel, won 22 to 15

S Waterman, R Groves, R Hooper, and J Groves, lost 11 to 14

Watchet (A) 50 (2 Points) Bristol (A) 54 (10 Points)


Watchet (B) was away to Wellington (B) on Saturday where they found the green to their liking winning on 2 of the three rinks and by 17 shots

C Bowden, Phil Bowden, H Edwards, A Knight, lost 16 to 24

T Jackson, D Davies, S Gunner, and R Scott, won 21 to 13

D Bowden, R Beresford, R Somerfield, M Webber, won 31 to 14

Watchet (B) 68 (10 Points) Wellington (B) 51 (2 Points)


Watchet held their annual Married Couples Tournament for the Dennis & Doreen Trunks Memorial Trophy on Sunday, Twenty Married couples from Devon, Dorset, North Somerset as well as South and West Somerset enjoyed a fine but cold days bowling, On a green they were full of praise for. The winners with a maximum of 8 points and a shot difference of +36 were Gill & Mike Groves, from Wellington, Second was R & D Buckingham, from Taunton BC with also a maximum of 8 points with a shot difference of +21, Third from Paulton BC

were L & D Beard also 8 points a shot difference +16, Fourth M & C Lewis from Tiverton Park Bc with 6 points and +11 shots


It is only the second week into Watchet BC outdoor season but a fairly busy one, Monday the men were home to Taunton BC in the National Double Rink preliminary round which they won by eleven shots. As a result of that they had to travel Yeovil on Saturday for the first round proper which they again won by eight shots, On the previous day Friday Wellington BC were the visitors for a mixed 4 triple match which the result went against Watchet by 18 shots, However Friday evening Watchet men again travelled away to Isle of Wedmore BC in the first round of the National Top Club, This competition focuses on disciplines won before scores come into it, Watchet winning three of the five disiplines Scores as follows

Monday !st May National Double Rink Home v Taunton

R Hooper, A Knight, J Groves, S Hooper, Won 21 to 12

I Trunks, D Hynard, A Rendell, S Steel, Won 19 to 17

Watchet 40 Taunton 29


Friday 5th May Afternoon Mixed Friendly Home v Wellington

S Waterman, Phil Bowden, N Webber, won 18 to 10

K Knight, T Daley, A Knight, lost 5 to 26

T Harrod, R McKay, C Woodford, lost 5 to 25

S Bowden, C Bowden, R Somerfield, won 21 to 6

Watchet 49 Wellington 67


Friday 5th May Evening Away National Top Club v Isle of Wedmore

2 WOOD SINGLES J Groves won 14 to 9,

4 WOOD SINGLES, S Steel won 21 to 12,

PAIRS D Hynard, S Hooper lost 12 to 19

TRIPLES C Rendell, R Hooper, I Trunks won 18 to 13

FOURS, Peter Bowden, E Owen, R Groves, A Rendell, lost 11 to 19

Watchet (3 disciplines), 76 Isle of Wedmore (2 disciplines) 72,


Saturday 6th May First round proper National Double Rink Away v Yeovil

R Hooper, R Groves, J Groves, S Hooper, won 23 to 8

C Rendell, D Hynard, I Trunks, S Steel, lost 10 to 17

Watchet 33 Yeovil 25

Rod Somerfield